Get your Advanced Adventurer with FKD!

If you are at least 10 years old and have already obtained at least the advanced Junior open waterlevel or equivalent, then you can enroll in the advanced Adventurer SSI or open water PADI equivalent training.

Discover the pleasures of deep diving up to 30 metres for the over 15s, 21 metres for the 12-14s, and 12 metres for the under 12s.

You will also improve your navigation and buoyancy control skills, use a dive computer and begin to recognize and identify different species of fish, corals and underwater plants.

Each validated dive can be credited towards the training of the corresponding specialty. Even more pleasure and sensations to experience.

Minimum age to dive: 10
Requirement for the certification: Open Water
Number of theoretical sessions: Briefings
Number of sessions in swimming pool / protected environment: If needed
Number of sessions in natural environment: 5
Maximum depth for training: 30 m
Duration for the training program: 2 days

Some requirements

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