Get your first aid certification with FKD!

The First Aid and CPR course (maximum 2 years old) is required to start the Stress and rescueRecovery course.

During the first aid course (React Right), you will learn all the techniques to apprehend an accident as well as the basics to make a diagnosis on a sick or injured person. Finally, you’ll learn how to help him before help arrives!

During the (Or rescueRescue Diver) course, you will learn how to manage your stress and that of other divers on the surface and underwater. 

This training program will allow you to assist a diver in any situation. You will learn how to organize a search for a lost diver, how to manage an accident and what procedure to follow to contact the emergency services.

Passing the certification will rescueboost your self-confidence, your ease underwater but also your relationship with the divers around you.

A personal challenge, this course is often the most memorable for experienced divers!


Minimum age to participate: 12
Requirement for the certification: None
Number of theoretical sessions 1


Minimum age to participate: 12
Requirement for the certification Advanced/1st aid
Number of theoretical sessions 2
Number of sessions in protected environment 1
Number of sessions in natural environment 3
Maximum depth for training; 30 m (18m for the 12-14 years old)
Duration for the training program 2 days

some requirements

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