Become an Instructor with FKD!

Once certified divemaster there are two options. You can work as a dive guide by supervising divers who are already certified or you can continue your professional training.

If you like to share the exciting world you live in, then instructing is FOR YOU!

1 - I.T.C. (Formation d'Instructeur - Instructor Training Course)

During this training we go back over everything that has been learned during the Dive Guide, the science of diving and the dive control specialist. We will add the learning of new skills to teach theadvanced Adventureropen water, Nitrox and rescue.

We will work a lot on pedagogy and teaching, but we will also deal with marketing and communication topics that will allow you to learn about opening your own dive centre, if you wish to do so later on. A good understanding of the diving industry and business is also necessary to become a good diving instructor.

The instructor training lasts one week, if you are already a Dive control specialist, 12 days if you are only divemaster.

Once the ITC “Instructor Training Course” is completed, you will be required to take a 2-day exam with a Certified Instructor chosen by SSI.

Once you pass the exam, you will officially open waterbecome an Instructor and you will be able to teach :

  • Try Scuba Diving, 12m max.
  • open water
  • advanced Adventurer
  • Stress & rescue
  • Nitrox Specialty
  • Perfect Buoyancy Specialty
  • Dive Guide Specialty

If you come from another agency such as PADI or CMAS, you will have to pay an extra 1,000,000 IDR for your first pro affiliation with SSI.

2 - Instructor Evaluation (IE)
First day


  • Home page
  • Final theoretical exam of 100 questions (Diving Science, Standards, SSI System)
Second day


  • Evaluation of the academic teaching of the open water
  • Academic presentation of the I.S.S. system


  • Evaluation of the demonstrations of the course open waterskills in a protected environment
  • Teaching control of 2 skills in the protected environment of the course open water
  • Then evaluation of the teaching of first dives and refresh dives in a protected environment.
  • And finally, the Stress & Rescue protected environment skills test.
Day Three



  • In a protected environment: assessment of the teaching and evaluation of 2 competencies in open water
  • Stress and Wilderness Rescue Course Skills Test
  • Assessment of O2 administration skills

some requirements

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